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In the heart of blood cave.

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In the heart of blood cave.

Post by Loki on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:16 pm

You would suppose a cave full of sixty rising cats would be cramped, but that depends on the cave....

"MOVE IT!" Knife's harsh scream pitched the cave lit with glow worms. Cats all around padded single file around. On the flattest wall where it had been cut out and shaped into four ledges held Many queens five on each shelf. Each were in kit or had kits, all the queens huddled upp with wary eyes flickering.
Below was the work line whe a continues line of older, grey, carrying prey on their backs and jaws. and Piled in near the end of the cave where four cats sorted the piles. Rabbit...mouse...
Middle aged looking toms were all neatly placed in the middle in rows all asleep in the night.
To their left were three moving lines of young cats all running moderately to their quarters.
Elders were being herded out of their nests and into a circler clearing.
A yowl rose above all the cats and all of them seemed to stop and look towards the clearing.
Knife, named after a sharp two leg stone, leaped down and raked his claws across one of the Middle aged toms, "MOVE!" he roared, and moved they did, quicker and hurriedly.

You could count twenty elders all together all rowed up in threes with their heads high though their eyed trembling with fear and knowing.
"Platooon ONE!" Yowled Scratch's voice, as Young toms around the age of 7 months rushed out and slashed at the first set of elders, ripping through flesh with their reinforced claws.
The First few of the elders Trembled then collapsed, three young She-cats came out and collected the bodies up and dumped them into a massive hole.
"Next time be faster!" Scratch nodded at the three next elders and they dipped their heads.
"Platooooon... two!" Older looking young toms raced towards the elder leaped and landed on the elders backs and bit down. "You guys have improved but you need more training if you wish to be as powerful as you should be."

The youngsters nodded and they massacred the remaining elders. "You all have a rest come back in the morning and send Platoon 3 and 4 out!"
"Yes, Powerful!" Scratch nodded and they all turned and padded to their quarters.
"Ah Knife how are you?" Scratch mewed without looking around to see the massive black tom who padded silently behind him. "How are they doing?"
"They are good,we need fresh kill though... Stealing a few forest scum would not draw problems."
"Its a shame for those loyal to us as well."
"True. but for us to stay strong we make sacrifices."
"Would you."
"Begining food ME? I'll laugh at that."
"I know I won't."
"Some want the best some are stupid some are too weak to live like this."
"Agreed, We have lost a platoon of cats already."
"Yes,times are rough but all the queens so far have produced four or more kits this week and more queens will be coming in."
Knife licked his lips," how exciting I hope there will be some pretty ones."
"haha, yes I hope so."
By now the third and fourth platoon were making their way in and Knife nodded to Scratch
and left him to do his business.
"Oh and knife could you get, Lostlimb to get the remaining elders?"
Knife nodded and padded off...


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Re: In the heart of blood cave.

Post by Loki on Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:49 pm

Chapter 2

All the way through the night the cats worked. 19 elders destroyed and hidden
away, in the long darkness of a hole. Knife sat at at his post looking aimlessly at them all.
Sharp one of the other Highers leaped up to join the massive black tom.
"The Lord will be back soon." He mewed looking down at the workers.
"He'll expect fresh kill and a good bed for his doze."
"Understood. I'll call Zinq and two other lowers."
They nodded and Sharp turned and padded coolly off.

To the back of the red cave, a vigil was being held.
Three lifeless cats all black were set neatly, exactly a tail length away from each other.
Nine cats sat in rows of three in front of the bodies and "The life passer", A tortoise tom,
Sat behind the bodies. Each cat walked forward and placed a small shiny pebble, claw or bone that represented that cats family. They retreated to their places after a word of praise to dead kin. "Strength, power, Skill or determination," One word and one second is all they were aloud to greet their lost kin or siblings or child. Then when all was settled the chanting began and it rang through the cave like two leg bells on a merry day.
"The Lord sends his sorrow," Mewed the life passer.
"We Send our hope," Mewed the nine cats.
"They surrender their lives."
"We take it with Gratitude," The cats mewed.
"For this we won't feud."
"For the lord we prosper."
"The blood took their lives," The Life passes mewed gruffly.
"Burn the blood that sweeps the forest."
"The blood feeds the forest."
"Burn down the forest."
"The blood feeds the prey."
"Burn the prey," They chanted.
"The Blood feeds the prey of our enemy!"
With that's the first three cats bolted forward picked the dead cats by the scruff and flung them off the ledge down into darkness.
They turned and bolted out the cave and to different locations to attack. Hypnotized and set mad with rage. The Life passer smiled coldly his work done, well.
A lower came and bowed to him and mutely looked up.
"You call for me?" The pretty grey she-cat mewed.
The life passer looked down and smiled wickedly.
"Dear sweet Sunny. Meet me in my den, I'll make do with you after I sort
Something out."
Sunny looked up, rather horrified yet scared and relieved at the same time.
"Please, If I may. I wish not for kits of you for I do not love you."
"Yes, You love Snare? He's dead!"
The lower looked up mortally Horrified.
"He... fell of a ledge. Now wait for me in my den."
The Life passer padded off to leave the lower to her duty and she shook with horror.
"No!" She yowled.
"What?" Spat the life passer.
"Then I wish not any tom near me."
"Then I Die with Dignnty." She mewed and leaped down a hole into her own demise.
"Pity. Sunny will be missed." He looked around, None was watching. They dare not
Watch. The Life passer was nearly as mighty as the Lord. He was the Passer of life!
Only Those bellow could understand the Horrors he brings.

It had been a while and the sun was beginning to rise. Knife had replaced the workers with the the last used one's were asleep in the middle of the cave neatly where the new workers could walk around. Diggers were set to carry on digging for a "workers den" and they clawed at the earth with badger claws and sticks forced into their paws.
"Dinner time at sunhigh!" Yowled Knife.

To be continued....

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