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OLD ~*~ Allegiances of the Outcasts ~*~

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OLD ~*~ Allegiances of the Outcasts ~*~

Post by Longstorm on Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:11 am

Editor's Notes:
This list is always being UPDATED. Contact me with your character info!!!

If a Clan Cat randomly vanishes from this list, it may have been transferred to Adopt A Cat.

NPC = The player of the cat has left entirely, or the cat was made to have no one owning it.
MISSING = the cat is still being RPed, but actually missing from its Clan in the roleplay world.


Number of Cats: 11
Leader: Ezziestar - white she-cat, black tipped ears and tail.

Deputy: Swiftwind - black tabby, long-legged tom, green eyes, chest and half of face are much lighter shade of grey.

Medicine Cat:


Senior warriors:

Solarstorm - golden tom (light tabby), yellow eyes, black patch on left shoulder.

Leopardstorm - lean silver tiger striped she cat.


Wolffang - long haired, blue-grey tom, blue eyes.

Honeyfang - golden she-cat, amber eyes, fluffy tail.

Sunshift - golden tabby tom, proud golden eyes.


Sinewpaw - black tom, white paws, icy blue eyes like mother, Lokistar MISSING.

Mosspaw - long-furred calico she-cat, green eyes MISSING.

Fiddlerpaw - brown marble tabby tom, amber eyes.

Frostpaw - smokey long-furred she-cat, white markings on face, blue eyes.


Strikefast - grey and white she-cat, three white paws, amber eyes (Mother to the deceased Rainstorm's kits, Dawnkit and Hailkit). -In Darkclan

Mosscloud - brown tabby she-cat, amber eyes (mother of an unknown tom's kits, Cloverkit, Sagekit and Snowkit).

Russetfleck - gray tortie she-cat, darker flecks (mother of an unknown tom's kits, Bluekit and Nightkit).


Dawnkit - small grey tabby she-cat, blue eyes. -In Darkclan

Hailkit - blue eyed tom, grey fur, lighter white flecks. -In Darkclan

Cloverkit - pale brown tabby tom, amber eyes.

Sagekit - cream colored she-kit, pale blue eyes.

Snowkit - pale cream colored tom, pale blue eyes.

Bluekit - gray tom, white splotch on chest.

Nightkit - black she-cat, white splotches on tail and feet.


Moonclan - The Lost Clan

Number of Cats: 15
Leader: NONE

Deputy: Sunclaw - yellow tabby she-cat, amber eyes.
Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Medicine Cat: Otterpool - brown and ginger tabby she-cat, amber eyes.
Apprentice: Beampaw


Cloudscar - white tom, ginger spots, green eyes, large scar on right side of face.

Goldenlight - white she-cat, yellow eyes.

Whitelight - golden she-cat, light gray eyes.

Raineyes - gray tom, blue eyes.

Talltree - tall light brown tom, amber eyes.
Apprentice: Raypaw

Snowfall - light gray she-cat, lighter flecks, white underbelly, pale blue eyes.

Whitefoot - silvery white she-cat, three black paws, bright blue eyes.

Leafheart - orange tabby tom, green eyes.

Barkfur - brown tabby she-cat, amber eyes.


Spottedfern - light gold spotted tabby she-cat, amber eyes (expecting Talltree's kits).


Swiftpaw - silver tom, very faint stripes, black-tipped toes, dark gray eyes, long scars on back of head and neck.

Beampaw - white and golden she-cat, blue eyes.

Raypaw - white she-cat, yellow eyes.


Number of Cats: 28

- black/red tom with a split lip.
Apprentice, Icepaw

Deputy: Hollowstripe - bark-colored tabby she-cat, dark green eyes.

Healer: Mistlight - dark gray she-cat, green eyes MISSING.
Apprentice: Frostshine - black tom, grey eyes, white ear tips.

Warriors: Toms and she-cats who are protectors and providers of Darkclan.

Senior Warriors

Sleetcoat - dingy white-coated tom, gray eyes, scars across muzzle.

Blueblossom - pretty white she-cat, pink nose, blue eyes.

Gorseclaw - pale tabby tom, amber eyes, bite scar on muzzle (son of Thornstar).

Sunmist - white-with-ginger-flecks, she-cat, amber eyes (daughter of Thornstar).

Jaycall - large dark gray tom, blue eyes, (son of Thornstar).
Apprentice, Bluepaw

Sorestare - red tabby tom, darker tail, amber/red eyes due to injury.


Cloudfeet - pale gray tom, white paws, green eyes.

Rainfoot - big tom, ragged gray-and-white fur, blue eyes, gray paws.

Blackfire - black tom, amber eyes MISSING.

Flowerfoot - black she-cat, white paws, bushy white-tip tail, deep green eyes.

Goldclaw - dark orange tabby tom, amber eyes (son of Thornstar).

Silverrush - solid gray she-cat, black tufted ears and tail, yellow eyes (daughter of Thornstar).

Bronzepelt - brown tabby tom, amber eyes (son of Thornstar).

Mustardstorm - yellow tom with a shattered tail.

Queens: She-cat warriors either expecting or nursing kits.

Blizzardgaze - light gray, long-furred she-cat, one dark green eye, blind in left eye (expecting Gorseclaw's kits).

Apprentices: Cats who have reached 6 moons training to be warriors or Medicine Cat.

Bluepaw - silvery-blue fur she-cat, soft white belly, stormy grey eyes, long and bushy tail MISSING.

Icepaw - pale, thick-furred grey tom, white tail-tip and paws, pale blue eyes MISSING.

Milkpaw - long-furred cream she-cat, green eyes.

Palepaw - long-furred cream tom, dark blue eyes.

Spottedpaw - calico she-cat, green eyes.

Hawkpaw - dark ginger tom, lighter reddish tail, darker markings, amber eyes.

Owlpaw - white tom with a single black/red streak over left eye, right eye yellow, left eye tawny.

Elders: Warriors or Queens now retired

Longfur - long-furred cream tom, green eyes.

Lightningpelt - long-furred gold tabby she-cat, dark green eyes, scars across her eyes and left cheek (retired early due to blindness).


Number of Cats: 14

Leader: NONE

Deputy: Dewdrop - pale gray with darker stripes she-cat, white markings on tail, chest, and paws.

Medicine Cat: Mistjay - light silver she-cat, white markings, dark green eyes - has bluejay marking-like scars on front legs, shoulders and cheeks.


Senior Warriors:

Ravenswift - long furred calico tom, amber eyes.

Foxclaw - large russet tom, white chest, black paws like a fox.

Maplejay - gold calico she-cat, blue eyes.

Snowfeather - small she-cat, sleek white fur, yellow/amber eyes MISSING.

Birdhop, grey-blue tom, black circle around eye and on foreleg, green eyes.
Apprentice, Duskpaw


Grimclaw - large black tom, white markings, yellow eyes.
Apprentice, Tigerpaw

Frostfire - sleek white she-cat, blue eyes.

Petalsong - small black she-cat, green eyes.

Sparrowhawk - brown tabby tom, yellow eyes MISSING.

Grayfall - fluffy gray tom, black mark on chest, green eyes, torn left ear.

Frostsong - white tiger marked she-cat, blue eyes.

Whiterose - gray tabby she-cat, white tail-tip, blue eyes.

Shadowspot - black tom, small white patch on face, elbows, belly, and paws, bright blue eyes.

Firefoot - swift orange tom, white chest and paws, amber eyes.

Brownhowl - small brown tom, pale yellow eyes.


Brambleleaf - brown tabby she-cat, green eyes MISSING.

Skysoar - black she-cat, white tips, blue eyes (mother to Rayclaw's kits).


Hollypaw - tortoiseshell she-cat, green eyes.

Duskpaw - dark gray she-cat, distinctive black patch over left eye, amber eyes.


Eaglekit - short haired golden tom, green eyes MISSING.

Nightkit - short haired black she-kit, big blue eyes MISSING.

Dreamkit - cream colored she-kit, blue eyes MISSING.

Gentlekit - pale yellow she-kit, white stripes, amber eyes.

Smokekit - pale gray tabby tom, sea green eyes.





Number of Cats: 30
Leader: Sin of Scourge (Scourge or Plaag), medium-sized black tom with with scars around pale blue eyes  
Choosing, Dark

Prince: Loveless, dark brown tom with amber eyes, front left leg is deformed, nasty scar on his chest


Cunningheart, white she-cat with black splotches on her legs, amber eyes, only she-cat warrior

Fresh, black and white tom-kit with blue eyes

The Circle:

Searingeyes, sleek dark brown tom with golden eyes, x-ray vision and mind reader

Soulvoider, muscular black tom with golden eyes, virus

Despairingcall, large long-furred black tom with golden eyes, voice mimic and linguist

Switchblade, mainly black tom with a few white markings and white back paws - yellow eyes
Choosing, Cold


Senior Warriors

Snarlgag, a large muscular dark gray tom with orange eyes

Scorchpoint, smaller mottled gray tom with dark amber eyes and small paws - his teeth are broken and somewhat blackened due to an accident when he was a kit (the same fire that took his voice)


Razorclaw, gray tom with dark green eyes, nasty gash where left eyes used to be

Paleclaw, pale tom with pale green eyes and pale claws, missing two fangs, chunk missing in front right paw.

Tigerfrost, brown classic torbie with pale gray eyes - almost white


Hopeless, dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

Luckless, dark tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white belly and paws

Charmless, pale tabby she-cat with green eyes, half of face torn away by her Master

Dauntless, light gray she-cat with blue eyes


Bitter, brown spotted tabby tom with amber eyes
Boneless, black she-cat with green eyes - the bone in her tail is shattered


Dark, brown-ticked tabby tom with yellow eyes MISSING

Cold, silver ticked tabby tom with green eyes MISSING

Scream, chocolate tom with amber eyes


Terra, tuxedo she-cat with yellow eyes (foster mother to 4 kits - Bark, brindle tom with dark blue eyes, Torn, dark brown tom with yellow eyes, Fresh, black and white tom with blue eyes, Thistle, white tom with blue eyes)  

Joyless, silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes (mother to 4 kits)

Grace, black and white she-cat with amber eyes



Whitehare - white she-cat, yellow eyes MISSING.


Moanfang, solid white tom with large paws

Eyeless, smaller black she-cat with white markings and dark blue eyes

Falsecall, large dark tabby tom with white paws, underbelly, and muzzle - amber eyes: attempted to murder kits, attacked Warriors

Defenseless, small long-furred classic tabby she-cat with green eyes

Cityclan - Abyssclan's Sister Clan

This is Cityclan, a smaller, far more docile version of Bloodclan. These cats have no Warriors, or Clan Leaders, or Deputies - which is why they're not the ideal cats to take from, or the ideal cats to get fighters from. This is also the reason that they've never been able to stop Abyssclan, their sister-clan.

Number of Cats: 35

Chancellor: Satin, long furred gray/cream tom with plain yellow eyes
This is the cat who decides on what descisions to make

These are the cats who choose what goes on in the Clan

Ember, dark gray tom with bright orange eyes

Commons, pretty, mainly fire-colored she-cat with white belly, chest, paws, and face w/ deep yellow eyes

Suki, short-furred light gray she-cat with darker stripes and light amber eyes

Raven, mainly white with pale calico markings with amber eyes - one of her dark patches looks like a raven

Flight, large black-and-white tom with dark blue eyes

These are the cats who gather dead animals and thrown-out two leg food and defend the Clan when needed.

Jones, large tan tabby w/ white markings and dark green eyes
Jazz, smaller, lean white tom w/ dark ginger patches (one of the patches looks like a musical note) and green/amber eyes - his claws are dull since he rarely uses them MISSING
Yami, medium sized tom with long, silvery fur and dark amber eyes (he's the youngest Gatherer, being 11 moons) MISSING
Jace, pale tortoiseshell tom with with pale gray eyes MISSING
Tomas, gray tom with amber eyes
Block, dark ginger tom with yellow eyes
Creech, blue-gray she-cat with yellow eyes
Glados, calico she-cat with orange eyes

These are the cats who distribute the food, check for rot, know some herbs, etc..

Tala, once pretty, old she-cat with short, dusty gray fur and murky green eyes
Page, Siamese marked she-cat w/ brown patches and pretty blue eyes

These are the expecting and nursing, and sometimes foster, mothers of Cityclan.

Terra, sleek (deceptively strong) tuxedo-style she-cat with bright yellow eyes - In Abyssclan
Daisy, pale long furred she-cat w/ sea green eyes

These are the cats who have yet to be chosen for a job.

Relay, a black she-cat with dark green eyes and small white markings on her face and tail

Other Members:
The bulk of the Clan, those who may or may not stand up for it.

Flare, yellow she-cat with gray eyes
Lavender, lilac she-cat with yellow eyes
Fluffy, fluffy silver she-cat with a sharp temper
Donny, black and white tom with amber eyes
Rufus, orange tabby with yellow eyes
Mimi, pudgy white tom with one blue eye and one yellow eye
Crow, dark gray tom with yellow eyes
Nipper, gray tom with scars on the backs of his legs
Snowflake, white and tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Suzy, yellow she-cat with amber eyes
Bouncer, tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Eli, black tom with amber eyes
Zane, tall pale ginger tom with bright blue eyes - soft voice
Martin, white tom with pale blue eyes - has been know to role in mud to darken his fur
Brian, pale ginger tom with amber eyes
Alexis, dark brown she-cat with hazel eyes

Searclan - Pseudo-Clan

Leader: Spike, black tom

Deputy: Blackclaw, black tom

Medicine Cat: Pantherleap, black she-cat with green eyes.


Flametail, orange tortie she-cat
Wolfheart, brown tom with gray stripes
Whitedash, white tom

Coreclan - Pseudo-Clan

Leader: Crow, large calico tom with bright amber eyes - most of fur is spattered with black



Moonkit, silver and white she-kit with bright green eyes

Roseclan - Pseudo-Clan

Leader: Leafstar, pretty white/brown dappled she-cat with bluish silver eyes, with sky blue flecks


Medicine Cat: Dreamsong, cream tabby she-cat with hazel eyes - she has interesting tufted ears


Feathertail, fluffy smoky gray she-cat with blue eyes

Lizardtail, brown tiger-striped tabby she-cat with green eyes

Threelegs, dark brown tabby tom with one green eye and one dark brown eye, his right foreleg missing


Spirepaw, gray tabby she-kit with pale green eyes
Nightpaw, smoky black tabby she-kit with amber eyes

Mudblood Clan- Falsecall's allegiance!

Amount of Mudbloodclan cats: 179

Falsecall got his first group of cats from most of the males of Cityclan, he gained their trust a long time ago, he then used these toms to attack the 'original' Dewclan (before Daystar founded the new one), under Abbysclan noses. Then he had about 20 cats on his side. He moved this group the the red hills and ordered them to dig a cavern. After attempting to kill Shadowstar he retreated back to the Red hills. He raided the Two leg zones Known for large groups of cats and then when sources became exhausted made it so she-cats would be picked to be at constant kit, eventually creating a deadly force, with motive and a cruel prophecy...

Falsecall- white base tom with black ears. He has one Amber eye and blue eye.
Underling- Winter

Lord Succesor:
Stormclaw- His pelt is a classic calico tom  with Clear green eyes.
Underling- Star

life passer:
Life- a solid mouse grey tom with emotionless pale, almost white, eyes

Life passer successor:
Rich- Tabby tom with gentle amber eyes

Knife- black tom with hot amber eyes
underling- Tick

Ghost-White tom with pale amber eyes
underling- Lia

Front- Tabby tom with black legs to the belly and amber eyes
underling- Shilly

High generals]- they are set (in battle) to watch over certain platoons in a battle plan.
Juro-Large stone grey tom with cool grey eyes
underling- Carly
platoon- 1

Fast- sleek black tom, gentle green eyes
underling- sleek

Zero- White long haired tom with amber eyes
underling- Notch
platoon- 3

Generals- make sure their platoons are well and in the right place at the right time

Fallenwing- white tom with dusty amber eyes
underling- tai
platoon- 4

Bender- grey tom with pale eyes
underling- White
platoon- 5

Ted- White and black tom with amber eyes
underling- Jinx
platoon- 6

Twitcher- golden, long haired tom, coat is really fuzzy. Yellow eyes
underling- Nera
Platoon- 7


platton 1

Ragged- small grey tom with flecks and icy blue eyes
Snicker- chocolate tom with grey/blue eyes
Blue- bluey grey tom with grey eyes
Nera- large grey she cat with a brown nose
Fluster- Cloudy cream she cat
Ticket- white tom with black splodges.
Pale- pale grey tom with darker flecks, blue eyes
Sorter- White tom with black paws and tail
Ginger- ginger tom green eyes

platton 2
Froggy- tabby tom with ambey eyes and white back paws.
Jaws- brindle tome with white muzzle
Snip- Black tom with white snip on muzzle.
Kirby- White and grey, pale eyed tom
Zazoo- bluey grey tom with white underbelly and blue eyes.
Saxon- solid brown tom
Taxi- Honey colored tom with green eyes
Happy- pretty grey she cat
Tarbi- white with black over one eye.

platoon 3
Bran- light brown tom, amber eyed
flick- speckled tom, blue eyes
Tally- calico she cat, green eyes, mainly white
Jingles- Brindle she cat, amber eyes white stripe.
Kally- White she-cat, amber eyes
Sabba- black tom, dusty green eyes
Brick- dirty red tom, yellow eyes
Roan- red roan tom with green eyes
Jinx- lilac she cat with deep amber eyes

platoon 4
jara- Black brown tabby tom
Logly- brown tom, amber eyes
claws- large clawed tabby tom
Snip-black and white tom
kira-brown and black she cat, green eyes
Harru- pale eyed, brindle tom
Chessa- white, blue eyed she cat
yomi- black tom with black bask and amber eyes
Yoki- black she cat with white muzzle
more later Smile

platoon 5
Jima- brown, odd-eyed tom
Gaia-calico, cgreen eyed she-cat
Rahu- grey, speckled she cat
Clutch- black oily looking tom
Fish- bright grey flecked she cat with odd eyes
Waxen- bright tan tom
Flea- small black tom with beady black eyes
Rodent- ugly brown tom with fur-less/bruised tail
Siqka-pretty brown she cat

platoon 6
Fringe- White and ginger, amber eyed tom
Po- Brown and black tom
Dixen-Ginger tom
Bent- Brown and grey tom
Jay- Bluey gray tom
Lefty- black and white tom
Kaia- ginger and black tom with green eyes
Razz- sleek grey tom
Uno- white, blue eyed she-cat

platoon 5
Clay- red/brown tome with tan tints
Omi- tan tom
Ray- brown tom with white under belly
Kimiko- black she-cat
Mindo- black tom
lundi- grey tom with green eyes
feast- sat black and white tom
Genna- red she cat with white belly and muzzle.
May- White and tabby grey she cat

platoon 7
Leggy- white she cat
Nix- black tom
Peggy- calico she cat
Spot- white tom with black spots
Baily- white and black splodged cat
Wheat- golden tabby tom
Mayo- white she cat
Moka- white tom with one black ear
Sura- white she cat with black tail

platoon 8
Guini- white tom with black paws
Mitch- brown tabby tom
Flin- calico tom
Bisa- ginger tom with bob-tail
Rou-black she cat with white under belly
Koki- grey and tan she cat/
Leap- long legged grey tom
Many- white flea bitten tom
jarrahi- ginger tabby tom

platoon 9
Titch- calico tom, small
bean- white and red tom
toadly- ugly brown tom
Koop- golden coon
Gem- dark grey she cat with white paw
Crystal- white she-cat
Twopo- browny grey
Miji- mouse brown tom
Tweet- bluey grey tom

Main Underlings:
Star- White blue-eyed she cat
Sleek- sleek grey she-cat
Notch- Brown tabby she-cat
Tai- ginger she-cat
winter- White she cat

Underlings: 21

master workers:
Jin- large tabby tom, missing eye the other is a pale green
Weed- pale grey tom whit brown patches

Workers: 38

The League
Number of Cats: 21

The League:
Leader: Farogh, mottled gray tom with amber eyes

Second: Sheegra, black she-cat with green eyes


Blackero, blue tom with dark eyes

Chris, black tom with green eyes

Screecher, tortoise shell she-cat with beautiful voice

Field Medic: Hybiron, tawny pelted tom with dark eyes
Tyke: Gunner


Trash, ugly bald cat with blue eyes

Orragonam, gray tortoiseshell with amber eyes - gender unknown

Sharonigo, orange she-cat with powerful jaws that can break bones.


Cronimero, tawny she-cat with dark blue eyes


Siriuserus, orange tabby tom with green eyes
Tyke: Stunnner

Jerus, brown she-cat with blue eyes
Tyke: Bummer


Stunner, green eyed she-cat

Bummer, blueish gray tom with blue eyes

Gunner, beautifful silver tabby with black paws.

Crummer, Unusually quiet she-cat


Sira, (Tron's mate) brown she-cat with blue eyes.

Creesha, beautiful tabby with blue eyes

Kevin, scrawny she-cat with black eyes.

Lion, beautiful ginger she-cat with yellow eyes (Chris's mate)

Blage, crazy black pelted she-cat with red eyes

The Dwellers

Number of Cats: 12

The Dwellers:
Devout Speaker: Locke (Key of the Locke), russet tom with bright yellow eyes


The Gray:

Sassypelt, tangle-furred gray she-cat with pale eyes

Striker, gray scarred tom with dark amber eyes

Sabene, silvery-gray she-cat with sky-blue eyes

Smokie, small gray-blue she-cat with amber eyes

Undertow, gray long-furred tom with pale green eyes

The Spotted:

Skyfall (Sky of Falling Leaves), white narrow-faced she-cat with black and orange patches and pale green eyes

Tira, spotted she-cat with green eyes and black left ear

The Not:

Kyaine, black tom with dark amber eyes

Snow, white she-cat with deep blue eyes


Dust, blind pale brown she-cat with black chest and jaw

Doom, gray black and white splotched she-cat with blue eyes and torn ears


The Tribe of Raining Dust (once the Tribe of Rushing Water)

Leader: Stone-Teller, black she-cat with amber eyes


Hawk that Snatches Mice (Hawk), a dark brown tom with a second coat that lays lighter like feathers, small paws and is thin, with hawk-like pale eyes.


Dark Spots in Shadows, a stocky she-cat with dark brown fur with near invisible light spots, and amber eyes




Tribe of Burning Streams -  ToBS - How They're Different
Admin Note: The positions of the ToBS weren't created by me, so it's surprising to see how very much like Abyssclan they are, even though the two groups most likely have never met.
Therefore, any similarities are sheer coincidence.  

Burnsky: Sun that Shatters Clouds (Sun), pale ginger tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Embersky: None

Blazekeeper: Breeze that Follows Rain (Breeze), a thin she-cat with a thin, pale gray coat with darker flecks around her legs and dark amber eyes

Stormeye Sky the Glows Golden (Sky), yellow she-cat with amber eyes    
Waveseer: None


Brush that Hangs over Stream (Brush), long-furred bracken-colored tom with luminous yellow eyes

Red Lilies in the Water (Lilies), stocky ginger and white she-cat with pretty pointed face and blue eyes


Shadow of the Falling Rain (Shadow), light gray she-cat with darker flecks across her flanks



Spark-Givers (queens)



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