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Post by Guest on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:28 am

Name: Snowfeather
Age: Two summers old
Gender: She-cat

Alliance: Dewclan

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Snowfeather is a slight little gal. She is small and lithe, but yet has muscle. Her pelt is completlly white, not a speck of another color on her other than her eyes. Her eyes are more a yellow color than amber. Her fur is sleek and well kept, with a white pelt, it is always good to keep oneself groomed.

Personality: Snowfeather can be sweeter than honey when she wants to be. She likes to get her way, but if it isn't too important, she will most likely let is go. She is friendly, and likes to be around other cats. Despite her sweet and lovable demeanor, she can have a nasty temper. It takes quite a bit to get her worked up, but when she is riled, there is no stopping the little fireball. She can hold a grudge, but if they try to make it up to her, she will most likely forgive them. She has a very soft spot for kits, wanting to have her own in the more distant future. She is kind of a romantic, and likes to try and get the toms attention in subtle ways. She is not very..extremely protective of her clan. If a cat so much slanders her clan while she is around, she will not hesitate to sink her claws into them.

History: Snowfeather was more an illiginement child than anything. Her mother brutally ravanged by a crazy tom. Her mother escaped from the clutches crazy cat and later birthed Snowfeather and three others. One was a stillborn, and another not quite right in the head. Her last sibling was quite normal and looked like their supposed "father". In fear and anger, Snowfeather's mother destroyed the other two kits, wanting nothing to do with them. In a rush she snatched up her only normal kit, the one that looked like her, and ran full speed to the closest clan. She placed Snowfeather a little past the border, and turned tail and fled. The kit lay there a whole night and half a day before her mewling was heard. She was saved by a hunting patrol and brought back to the clan. There she was raised a happy and healthy cat, never really aware that she wasn't born in the clan. she considered them her family, nothing more, nothing less.

RP Example: With a flick of her white ears, Snowfeather crept forward. She was low to the ground, trying to keep as quiet as she possibly could. She heard the intruder easily enough, it seemed he was not really trying to remain silent. He passed by her, unaware of her prescence. She let him go a few paces before silently launching herself at the backside of the other cat, claws still sheathed. She landed on top on him and he thrashed under her yowling, tossing her off easily. She rolled and quickly got to her paws, facing the other cat, her claws now digging into the ground. "You don't belong here, why are you overstepping your boundries?" She was answered with a deep snarl as the much larger tom launched himself at her. She screeched and maet his attack, ducking to trip up his footing as he blindly charged, body sliding low into him, causing him to trip and roll. He was not as quick to get to his feet, and she was ready to meet him with claws as he did. She raked across his nose, sending him squealing in anger. He swiped at her and caught her ear with a claw. Snowfeather hissed and backed away. Confident he had won, the tom went to finish her and send her packing. He rose up to come crashing down on the little she-cat, and she looked up at him, but not with fright. She quickly darted forward, headbutting his soft belly as he started to come down. He fell and rolled onto his back. Snowfeather lauched herself at him again, sinking her claws into that soft pink belly skin. With a piercing shriek, the intruder threw her off and fled back to where he had come. Snowfeather watched him for a moment, a smug expression on her face. "Teach you to mess with little ol' me." With a soft laugh, she grabbed her catch that she had collected beforehand, and headed back to her clan


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Re: Snowfeather/Dewclan

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:18 pm


Snowfeather,I am Daystar,Flame as nickname for some reason I will tell you later.


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