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Clan Duties (Abyssclan Duties not Included)

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Clan Duties (Abyssclan Duties not Included)

Post by Longstorm on Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:33 pm

LEADERS must enforce rules and make everything flow. Try to come online every day and make sure the deputy sends patrols. (You will also have to do the duties of deputy if there isn't one)

DEPUTIES must send out patrols to renew scents marks. Dawn, sun high and sun set patrols are needed; dawn is at 8:30, sun high is 12:00 and sun set is 20:00.

WARRIORS must defend the Clan with their lives if needed. Prey must be caught and perhaps given to those who can't hunt, apprentices must be taught, and patrols met.

QUEENS must look after their kits.

APPRENTICES must learn to respect the warrior code and the Clan. They must hunt for elders and queens and train to become fiercesome warriors.

ELDERS are retired warriors and queens and rest a lot during their lives as elders.

MEDICINE CATS must heal the Clan, and look after sick cats all year round, but mostly in leaf-bare when illness is deadly.

KITS must grow and play and become idependent over the six moons before apprenticeship.

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