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Astrapa (The Fox)

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Astrapa (The Fox)

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:50 am

Name: Astrepa

Age: 10 winter's years old. (10 years)

Gender: Female


Rank: loner


Personality: Astapa was a happy and cheerful when she was cub, but when her parents were killed she changed, she fell into depression, and sadness, but when she met Eclipse, her old self returned cause she had mother figure, again. She loves to eat the back legs on frogs, and hates the smell of dead fish. She likes to swim in her free time, but she loves it when Eclipse has her go places. She hates it when it hails.

History: Astrapa was born from her mom and dad, she lived with them for about 3 winters in a den a forest she was happy there, until they her mom and dad were killed by many cats, she ran away, She went up to a small mountain believing thats where she can live, since her pelt was the same color, but when she got there she found herself in a warm forest, there she was meet by a mystifying being, that knew she was going to be there before she even got there. This is where she met Eclipse. Astrapa told Eclipse about her past, and what she was going up there for, but Eclipse already knew why. Eclipse let her stay with her, and raised her on her mountain. Know Astrapa acts as Eclipse's messenger.

RP Example: Goodie, I don't have to do this!

(I made this charrie, cause i want her to make Eclipse stay sane cause I don't want Eclipse going crazy and know how to kill everything.)


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Re: Astrapa (The Fox)

Post by Longstorm on Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:35 pm

Okay: for now we're going to hold off on playing animals outside of the feline family. When we're more together and have a better idea of what we're doing, then Astrepa will be approved - which will be soon.
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