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Shadowstar's Plan

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Shadowstar's Plan

Post by Meany on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:55 pm

In Shadowstar's den, Scream was scowling at the owner of the Den.
"I don't want to be trained," he spat.

Shadowstar chuckled darkly, cuffing the tom over the ears, knocking him over.
"You do. And you shall be." He looked at him and to the two Dewclan kits. "The clans know us for our brute strength and our numbers. But what the clans don't know about..."

Scream looked up at the older tom, his ears pricked slightly in curiousity.

Shadowstar smirked and continued.
"Is our other side. Our cunning. We have spies in many of the clans, by the grace of Boulder. Tawnyclan, Cityclan, and Darkclan. And though Dewclan isn't our enemies now, they will be eventually. That's why we need spies."

Scream took a moment to think about this then it clicked.
"Wait... You mean... you want me?"

Shadowstar nodded.
"You and these kits, if it's possible."

Scream sat up.
"Teach me."
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