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The Dog and his victims continued

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The Dog and his victims continued

Post by Loki on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:13 am

Knife still padded alongside a wounded worker. They padded towards the back of the cave.
"Ahh, A cat who wishes to eat with those bellow!" Came the Grey long haired tom. His eyes
were a malicious amber, already burning the flesh of the worker as he gazed upon him. Workers all
around looked in grief at each other, this was not the first life passing they had seen.
The tom lay down on the raised platform, so many had fallen upon.
"Those above greet the weak." Mewed he Life passer.
"I am severely wounded may they treat my wounds and greet me," The worker coughed.
"There is no more than suffering in this world."
"And duty to serve with Those bellow."
"Bare Those bellow your throat, you show no fear or weakness to them."
The worker bared his throat.
"Then within the power I grant your soul to those bellow and pass your soul to be free."
He unsheafed a ragged claw and slit the Workers throat open. The worker dare not scream but other workers threw him of the ledge, of course, he was still alive....

Knife watched and looked away. He was only in this mess so he could get his daughter back, and get the promises he was promised, by the Lord. All the Lord wanted was to destroy the forests...

The tom turned around, He was going to bed.

Falsecall returned, as usual all the cats bowed in respect, knife copied. "Soon..." Falsecall yowled proudly, "My glorious clan, our family... will take over the low lands, No more land falls, no more digging, no more work! When fast light strikes, WE UNITE!"

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