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ONESHOT In The Tunnels

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ONESHOT In The Tunnels

Post by Longstorm on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:17 pm

Cunningheart lead Searingeyes through the vast, confusing network of underground tunnels. Now, only Powerfuls were supposed to know how to navigate this maze, but Cunningheart has spent a lot of time down there back when she was a young Warrior.
Searingeyes, carrying two kits like her, was somewhat reluctant about the path she was taking. Finally, he turned off into a tunnel she wasn't taking. This tunnel lead into a den-like part of the maze.
He set down the kits in the sand gently, murmuring soothing words to them.
"Cunningheart," he called softly.

She stopped and turned around, joining him. Cunningheart set the kits down with their brothers and looked at them. She mewed,
"How do you keep it lit in here?"

Searingeyes, not looking at her, gestured to the bioluminescent plants growing on the ceiling.
"That, and when the moon is full it reflects through here... sometimes."

The she-cat nodded. After a time of sitting in silence she mewed,
"They're all toms."

Searingeyes nodded.
"Yeah. They are."

Silence once more.
"...You thought you were going to die, didn't you," Cunningheart broke the silence.

The sleek brown tom could only nod ever so slightly to that revelation.

Cunningheart looked at Searingeyes - I mean really looked - and she understood what she saw.
"You... it's going to happen again, isn't it."

Searingeyes closed his golden eyes and mutely nodded.

Cunningheart felt... she didn't know. But she knew how Searingeyes felt.
Silently, she leaned against the brown tom and they just sat there like that, neither saying a word.

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