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Darkclan Rebellion Allegiances

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Darkclan Rebellion Allegiances

Post by Longstorm on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:18 am

Number of Cats: 19

Leader: Redstar, black/red tom with a spilt lip and amber eyes
Apprentice, Icepaw

Deputy: One won't be appointed until Redstar is ready

Medicine Cat: Mistlight, fluffy light gray she-cat with soft green eyes Missing


Frostshine, black tom with white tips on ears and tail and gray eyes
Apprentice, Goldpaw

Gorseclaw, beige coated tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Silverpaw

Sunmist, white-with-ginger-flecks she-cat with amber eyes

Jaycall, large dark gray tom with blue eyes, son of Thornstar
Apprentice, Bluepaw

Blackfire, sleek black tom with amber eyes Missing
Apprentice, Bronzepaw


Goldpaw, orange tabby tom with amber eyes

Silverpaw, solid gray she-cat with blue eyes

Bronzepaw, brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Bluepaw, silvery-blue fur she-cat with soft white belly and stormy grey eyes - her tail is long and bushy Missing

Icepaw, pale, thick-furred grey tom with white tail-tip and paws, with pale blue eyes Missing


Skyecho, calico she-cat with green eyes, mother to Longflight's kits (Echokit, calico tom with green eyes, Flightkit, dark gray tom with blue eyes, Screechkit, long-furred orange tabby tom with green eyes, Fallkit, cream-colored tom with green eyes, Leafkit, tortie she-kit with green eyes)

Blueblossom, white she-cat with a pink nose and blue eyes

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