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Cats of the week!

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Cats of the week!

Post by Loki on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:10 pm

Who are your favourite cats? Who are not? How do you feel about some characters? Whats your interpretation of them? AKA Can you understand something deep within that character? Here, I'll start Very Happy And if the character you like is one of yours... does that character represent anything?

Name: (name o' the character)
RPed by: (which user RPs this character?)
Description: (character description/ how you see them)
Character: (Whats thee character like I.E constant stroppy)
Interpretation: (What do you see in this character. What do you understand about them)
feelings: (How do feel for this character?)
Other: (anything else to add?)

1. Joyless- My character
Representation:Joyless is the part of me, that when I'm sad or upset... I always have that thought of optimism that make me want to join in or get back up again. She also represents my foolishness, in some ways. She can also be my thoughtless actions, when I am trying to protect others I feel I am always hurting them.

Description- Silver tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes a bib and white socks, certain scars old and new across body, right ear deeply split. look at meh icon/profile picture... thats her

Character- Joyless is the complete opposition of her name Abbysclanion name. She Is hot headed, talks sweetly can be smart with words; can be foolish. She can't think at the right moment when pressured. She takes things to heart, in some ways she can be hurt easily though mentally. She Is good at advising and is head strong when opposed, though serious of her business.

Interpetation- I actually like Joyless, even though she can be a fool. She is young and misunderstood. Also The first RPg cat I have created that is supposed to be viewed as quite attractive, even the many scars cannot cover it up, although she is not vain and she is not always one to judge. Joyless has always seemed the one to stick her nose in, curiosity will not kill her though... no... not curiosity. She also makes me feel good, after all, she even left her kits to save their lives and keep the cats left with them out of trouble. This must have been hard, especially knowing one is a runt. Joyless in one post his seen thinking about whether she will ever see any of her kits again and then devotes her self to training the other servants, although they questioned where she stands, which also must have really hurt Joyless, seen as she had the idea in the start, another part of it was that she was hoping for Loveless to stand up for her when they were trying to understand her role. Joy is so far misunderstood and her bad side has yet to show...

Feelings- overall... I have many feeling: respect and pity. Because Joy has come from the tragic parts of my mind far off where the others are.

Other- There has been question about the kits father. I will not tell you, for even I cannot understand that
yet. But If anyone stopped and thought about it... would Joyless not have been proud and blurted it out if she
was proud AKA she wanted their father to be their father? But the father is NOT Tigerflame, she thought she loved him for a while but found that her feelings for the tom were limited.


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