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Nights fright

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Nights fright

Post by Loki on Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:22 pm

Sarabi stood there for a while. Her sides rising and falling vigerously. She snorted in rage and lowered her self to he knees and then lay. It seemed that the mennen had given up in trying to catch her. If she hadn't have turned into that forest... Mennen were odd creatures. They traded stones or leaves for animals or objects. The mare snorted in disgust. Mennen had been very stressed this year. They cope not well in winter. She sighed. Horses would be taken as food or work. There was so much she didn't understand.

One thing the mare knew was that she would turn lame in the morning. The chase on hard ground left her sore and tender around the legs. This area was well covered. She would move off in the morning. She was still hungry...

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