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Servants den.

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Servants den.

Post by Loki on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:22 pm

Joyless had watched the warriors that were off to the gathering. She sighed.
A yawn had made her aware of how tired she actually was, so she turned and padded inside the
Servants den. She sat and looked up to the ledge, which was her old sleeping spot. She lay down near the entrance instead, and closed her eyes.

In seconds Joyless was taken away into another dream, back in the same boring clearing she had been trained by her oh so many greats grand father.
"Greetings," Mewed Bone padding up to her.
"Greetings father," Joyless replied.
"It seems that everyone has been learning well, the warriors were too busy to bother you."
"They were. I believe they were on the patrol."
"yes that is correct."
"Are my sons...?"
"All fine and chirpy. We are all sorry for what we have had to do."
"Apology accepted," Mewed Joyless, a stone in her throat, "It is my fault any way."
"No, It is not your fault. But if the plan goes well they'll be back soon, but even we cannot prevent them from opening their eyes."
"No... They have a new mother?"
"They have a she-cat with milk, not a new mother."
"I see, Is she good to them?"
"She's as good as any cat with kits who's names they do not know, although," He mewed curtly, "She cannot hunt or fight as good as my young granddaughter."
Joyless ducked away from that comment.
"I have a great teacher."
"Thats good to hear, now... Go dream, I'll send extra butterflies for you to chase."
"I'd appreciate that," Joyless mewed with a cool grin.
"hehe, alright then, for now... good bye."

Joy was no longer in a starry clearing but a field. The grass tickled her pink nose and belly as butterfly's began flutter into the air. She thought about chasing them, but watching them was so much better....
Imagine if someone to wake her now... She'd be quite annoyed, specially the great time she was having, with the sun just right, warming her body. All scars and bruises were gone, any pain she had been feeling was swept away, she was in a moment of complete serenity, Though clouds began to fog over, a storm was thundering, Fear overwhelmed Joyless as the butterfly's dropped out the sky and fell dead on the ground.
It began to rain, though the sun shone through the clouds and the Storm cloud itself began to disperse until the sky was a bright blue, and warmed her pelt up again...


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