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One dark night....

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One dark night....

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:39 am

Fierie, a white ghost against the dark night, crept out of the cave and bounded down the mountain to a gnarled old tree. On it, an old nest. Sitting in the nest, a black falcon, and his name was Rook.
"My dear bird." Fierie whispered. Rook woke up and hopped down. "Yes, Fierie?"
"Tell me what you've learned on your journey to the place with the Clans."
Rook told her. It took almost all night, and when he finished the sun was almost up.
"The Clans are many, much more than the pack." Fierie muttered. "We only have one cub, and he's too spiteful to make a good alpha male. The only option is to steal cubs from rival packs."
With that she dismissed Rook with a flick of her paw, sending him out to the territory of the cat Clans to learn more about them.


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