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Crossing Between Dewclan and Tawnyclan

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Crossing Between Dewclan and Tawnyclan

Post by Meany on Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:00 pm

Shadowstar lead his large patrol through the wide no-man's land between Dewclan and Tawnyclan, his patrol being ten cats big; Woebringer, Scorchpoint, Paleclaw, Razorclaw, Soulvoider, Loveless, Charmless, Boneless, and Bloodclaw with his Choosing, Bitter. They all stalked through that bit of territory, all keeping an eye and ear out for either clan.

Shadowstar spotted a rabbit streaking across their path, leaped, and killed it with one blow.

"A fine catch, my king," complimented Razorclaw. The others murmured in agreement, but Shadowstar said nothing, biting into the kill. The rabbit smelled of dust and bark; that was Tawnyclan's scent, of course. It seemed this rabbit had escaped death from a Tawnyclanner's claws.
Shadowstar only smirked, taking a few more bites of the kill, and flinging it over Dewclan's border. It wouldn't smell of him. The Abyssclannians had disguised their scents with garlic a while back, and the stench was still there.
Why not cause problems?
The patrol continued walking. They would be home by sunhigh.
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