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CLOSED A Time For Dreaming

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CLOSED A Time For Dreaming

Post by Longstorm on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:30 pm

Each cat was alone, standing in the middle of a misty landscape atop a mountain. From nowhere a voice whispered,
"Your clan is set to die..."
Another voice whispered,
Across the mountains of darkness lies the fallen moon.
Return it to it's home to save all that you hold true.

FLASH, the cats zoom across the territories
"Unite or die, was the command long ago.
But deny this unity and all will fall to the unknown..."
A vision of countless cats falling into blood and despair flashed across their vision only for a moment.
"Above, Below, Stars and Darkness, Field of Unending;
Beware of the traitors, and those made of surrendering."

The cats were now dragged underground, in some strange tunnel.
"Bring no more than the perfect unity
Or the koud grondgebied will be found burning."
A small, gentle voice murmured,
"Find the stone in it's shattered parts
There you'll find those that share the same heart."

A great, booming voice declared,
"Heed our words, or die. Tell not a soul, or perish."

The cats awake suddenly, gasping for breath. This was more than a message from Starclan. It was a message from all of the Realms.

OOC: Recipients: Blackfire, Mistlight, Bluepaw, Icepaw.
Congratulations, Meany, Runfast, and Blueshadow, you've been chosen to embark upon a main-plot quest!

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