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The after talk...

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The after talk...

Post by Loki on Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:45 pm

"You have proven your selves useful."
It was a rare occasion, but the Mudbloodclan cats had all stopped working to heed the words
of the greater cats. The life passer had announced the deaths of five cats, the clan hardly took notice, even the queens who had bared them and perhaps their young only bowed their heads in the little sadness they felt. Sadness is for weaklings, would those who have died wanted you to grieve? Were the well said words. The grey tom was announcing something that went past the lower ranking one's, although the others took great intrest.
"This is for our future," He mewed, "Without this we shall perish."
The Lord sat looking down on his massive alliance. The city had been squeesed of its cats, it was so rare now you saw some that were not hiding. there were a few more locations that could be checked. He nodded in approval at what the life passer said, much of it was lies, yet the cats bellow were completed un aware of that.

"Kits can now have a moon more before training, our numbers are completly amazing and only
Those bellow could beat us. Now," The life passer mewed, "I soon will be taking a young, He or she," He smiled warily, "Will be a cat of greatness, and only Those bellow them selves will aprove of her or him. I already have an idea who." The talking went on and on and on. The 'powerfuls' gazed in an all knowing way, the youngest kits looked at them in awe.
Knife narrowed his eye searching the crowd and waited for a while before saying something to another and leaving. Akaila saw him and left too, she had a right, there was acomossion on whether she was to be a warrior or not.

Kits began to scuffle in boredom, they were punished and set straight. "Do you want Those bellow to thrown upon you?" toms and she-cats hissed, the kits reacted and shuddered in fear.

"So we shall not be attacking then on, spying patrols will be set out before the melt and when the melt comes we will settle to move our numbers up. Work on the dens shall halt and run ways built, landslide WILL be avoided but just incase, escape ways shall be built." The workers bellow rattled their badger claws, sticks and what ever they used to dig.
"Is the lord... impressed?" The life passer mewed smiling warily at Falsecall who smiled coldly back. For a moment they locked eye contact familiarity and recognision blazing between them.

"I am." Falsecall purred, "For many moons, we have worked, we are mocked when truthfully those who mock us are scared. Scared that we will destroy them. I, the leader, emperer... Lord. Will MAKE sure you are not mocked, you are not taken for granted because 'When fast light strikes' The clans will see their doom, we know who the winners are. Soon, my allies, not even Abbysclan will look at us in hope but remorse and fear!"

There was an uproar, the kits, the toms, the warriors, the platoons, everyone!
The life passer joined, his yowl... unusual among the others.

Later on in the day...

Mudbloodclan had all stopped work. Workers and gatherer all chatted about... work, about how clay dried quick and muddied the paws, about large rocks and things the others would find boring. The 'powerfuls' Chatted seriously among the ledges, Queens of kits and future and warriors of techniques...

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