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Firepaw of Dewclan

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Firepaw of Dewclan

Post by Longstorm on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:35 pm

Name: Firepaw
Age: 6 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Apprentice

Apperance: White fur with few, small, orange patches with amber eyes.

Personality: Firepaw is a sweet, loving tom and is very loyal to his Clan. He has a strange fear of thunderstorms, and has an overactive imagination.

History: Born as a loner, this kit once lived with his mother and many siblings. One day, this kit and his sister went out when they weren't supposed to, and they were caught by twolegs. They drove in a two-leg monster for what seemed like years, but when the door was finally opened, this kit escaped. He ran into the woods, frightened, and he found Oakclaw. Oakclaw brought him back to Dewclan, and the two became fast friends.

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