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Grimclaw of Dewclan

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Grimclaw of Dewclan

Post by Longstorm on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:36 pm

Name: Grimclaw
Age: 1 year (Which should be pass both Kit and barley past Apprentice
Gender: Tom-Cat

Alliance: Dewclan.

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Large Black tom with a White tuft of fur on his chest, Large shoulder and big paws with sharp claws. Strong thick Jaws with powerful muscles in all 4 legs.

Personality: Grimclaw is a easy going cat preferring to look at the glass half full then half empty, Normally a peace lover but will fight as ferocious as a lion when his clan is endangered especially kits and Apprentices. Grimclaw sees all other clan cats as enemy and makes sure they know it by being scornful or insulting. To his own clan he is kind and encouraging to both Warriors and Apprentices. Grimclaw never looks to be leader preferring where he is at to help the clan but is a better fighter than a hunter. Around other cats he is condescending and untrusting and sticks strictly to the warrior code having knocked a few of his own warriors aside when they go for throats. He believes all life is precious even those he brings down and can often be heard thanking the prey for there bounty and apologizing for snuffing out there lives, Believing one should only take what one needs and not kill for sport.

History: Grimclaw was born into a clan as much as others and raised from kit to apprentice as the Clans go, Never one to stand out and be the shining light he always kept a care free attitude and often was the first to Assist the elders in the hopes of hearing a story. Grimclaw never looked for anything higher than serving his clan to the best of his abilities and has been in a few scrapes but non of them were life threatening and normally was over crossing territory or stealing prey. Grimclaw just came out of his apprenticeship and may one day be something more but the young warrior doubts it not having big ambitions other than keeping the clan strong and helping his clan-mates.

Bigger than the pic but it was all I could find, Also has a white tuft of fur on his chest)

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