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Warrior's connection

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Warrior's connection

Post by Loki on Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:36 pm

Switchblade padded into the warriors den. His head hurting.
He padded to his nest as an empty eerie feeling swept over
him. Please... he pleaded. Anger welling up in him.
His nest was at the back in a corner a ledge shoulder hight sweeping across
the back of the den. He narrowed his eyes.
His unusual markings became more obvious in the darkness, his amber eyes
blazed and claws clacking against the ground. He needed to concentrate.

He lay in his nest and took the 'collar' from around his neck.
It was bounded with teeth and on the end a sharp pebble like
rock was attached with Sinew, It had taken the tom ages to make
this instrument. He looked at it warily and muttered a quick pray;
Before placing his nose onto the 'jewel'.

Instantly coldness struck him, but strangely... Darkness overwhelmed him.
"What... what is this?" he mewed, a deathly feeling overwhelmed him and
he felt ill.
Why was he not in the clearing of Those Above?
Is there a disturbance of Those Above?

He snapped out of this... nightmare.
His head spinning.
He picked him self up.
"No..." He closed his eyes.
Those Above... What has come of you?

He turned leaving the warriors den.

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