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the vacancy

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the vacancy

Post by Loki on Mon May 16, 2011 2:22 am

The Mudblood cave is more of a cavern for cats. the entrance could let two wolves in at ounce. If you looked to your right, you'd see a cave big enough for a lynx to go down that opened up into a larger clearing. This was the "Generals hut".
General Juro and two toms, one with long white fur and amber eyes and the other- a black sleek built tom with calculating green eyes, sat together. in front of them was a raised ledge. on it was stones, leaves and sticks.
"No,no... It can't we'd have to go here." Meowed the white tom, pushing white pebbles past some a gathering of leaves.
"General Zero, We'd be spotted to easily."
"Then what do you suggest, The water levels here are the shallowest to be predicted."
"We should attack before the floods," Growled The sleek black tom.
"Those bellow, they wish for us to not do that, when fast light strikes, remember, general Fast."
The black tom bowed his head in sequence with the others, "For those bellow, to serve, to die."
Juro looked up. "We need a bridge!"
"How would that work?"
"The workers have cut throught root, clay and stone a tree would be a mere obstacle."
"I see, its risky but..." General Zero concluded "I agree with it."
"We'll send more spies out at ounce. We need a perfect tree."

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