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The Warrior Roleplay Code

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The Warrior Roleplay Code

Post by Longstorm on Thu May 19, 2011 4:12 am

Treat all other roleplayers the way you would like to be treated, in all places (the forum, Chat, and Personal Messages). If you're a jerk, you're out. [Report this activity if you see it!]

Do not use lewd, rude, or crude language towards anyone ever.
If you're a creep, you're out. [Report this activity if you see it!]

Do not roleplay sex scenes. No. Just no.
[Report this activity if you see it!]

Do not steal writing or art from another member.
If you're a thief, you're out. [Report this activity if you see it!]

Natural unnaturally colored fur is not allowed on any of the animals here.

Unless you are given a power, or you buy a power from our store, your animal should not have supernatural abilities.

The cats from series 1 died nearly a century ago. You may have a cat similar to them, even share a name with them, but the actual cats are long gone and may not be played.

Do not share personal information through this website.

All spammers will be banned.
[Report this activity if you see it!]

Do not godmode. Any character put into a situation where death is certain, that character shall surely die.

Do not metagame. No character shall know information that they never learned, and were never told.

Do not play another person's character for them without fully expressed permission.

Fights are roleplayed blow-by-blow, back and forth between the members roleplaying the fighting animals. A character's animal may not take a hit, nor be killed without their roleplayer's permission.

You must make your new character in the Character Creation Board and await approval before beginning your game.

If you will be absent for more than 10 days you must create a topic in our Holiday/Absent board. If you will be gone longer, request that you be put in our Absent Members group (thusly turning your username a lovely shade of blue.)
If neither is done and you are gone for more than 40 days, then your account will be deleted.

A person may only place an ad within our guest-friendly Advertising Board.

Report all members seen rule-breaking.

Need help? PM a staff member or drop a topic in our Help Board!

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