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Developing Boneless (PRIVATE - INCOMPLETE)

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Developing Boneless (PRIVATE - INCOMPLETE)

Post by Guest on Sun May 22, 2011 2:17 am

Boneless padded along, looking for herbs for her Master, Bloodclaw.
The pale she-cat sighed, her crooked tail waving. It wasn't that she wanted to go against her King's law, but she really didn't want to be a Mender's Servant. If anything, she wanted to be a Warrior's Servant, even one of the lesser Warriors!
Like Moanfang, maybe, she thought.

Boneless spotted some Tansy and nipped it off of the stem as she thought.
But how can I move up the 'ladder', she wondered. Should I do something special? Something that would make me renowned amongst Servants! But what?...

She sat down, placing the Tansy with the other herbs she had found on a moss-covered stone. Boneless sighed a long sigh.
It wasn't easy being a lesser Servant.
Not like the other Servants, no. Like Graceless - oops, she thought sarcastically, I meant 'Grace'... She's a Powerful's Servant! And Charmless... And even Luckless!
The she-cat shook her head in anger.
I'm smarter, more cunning, and stronger than all three of those she=cats! I'm better than all of them! Why should they get what's rightfully mine? It should be mine! They should give their positions to me!
Childish, she knew, and those thoughts were swept away in a moment, calculating ones replacing them.

Boneless had begun walking again as her thoughts had begun to race, walking even faster as she grew infuriated. Now, she was running.
She found herself atop a strange rock, one from where she could see all of the other territories, even to the ends of the sky!
The young she-cat gasped in awe, but at the same time a terrible envy overcame her.
I'm not allowed here. I'm just a Mender's Servant.
"It should be mine," she yowled in anguish. "It all should be mine!"
Her thoughts had turned to the forest cats below, the other Clans that lived in false peace.
They think they're all so perfect. They all live like rabbits, hopping from one thing to the next, never watching for death from above!
In her thinking, she nearly demonstrated the move - then she remembered where she was standing. Boneless looked down now, small stones falling down the great cliff.
She looked down without fear, digging her pitiful claws into the stone she stood upon.
None can compare, she thought, her mind-voice calmer. None can even begin to compare to us. We are better. We are perfect... And everything before us... withers.
She kicked another stone off of the cliff, the pebbles that followed it turning into dead cats, the dust that flew becoming hot, sticky blood in Boneless's eyes.

It was now Boneless wondered why her Clan wasn't moving. Why they never seemed to infiltrate and destroy the Clans like they had in legend. Why weren't the Clans afraid of them anymore?
The City is lost... Cityclan wouldn't listen to us even if they were murdered. Boneless shook her head again.
Something needs to be done... She looked up at the sky. And only the perfect ones will do it. Boneless imagined that Scourge himself was looking down upon her, agreeing with what she was thinking. Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn't.
"Abyssclan... More like Uselessclan..." Boneless closed her eyes, feeling the responsibilities of being a Servant crashing down upon her once more. It was unbearable.
"Oh, Scourge," she yowled, thinking of the thousand threats made to her, and how many had been followed through with. Oh, nothing that would scar, of course, but the pain was there. "Scourge, I can't do it! I tried, I really did! But I can't! I'm just a Mender's Servant, and I will be killed before my second all-seasons!" She sat down heavily, cat tears beginning to pour, a near year's worth of pain taking it's toll. "I need," she whispered, "I need to be..." She looked forward. "Perfect."

OOC: A younger version of Boneless, now she's a little more together, quieter, better.


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