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Bronzepaw, Running After Foamingwater

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Bronzepaw, Running After Foamingwater

Post by Meany on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:25 am

Bronzepaw pelted after the strange tom who'd been a part of the enemy force. Wait, he thought. Don't go! There's so much I want to ask you - and I know you're different!
Bronzepaw stopped at the edge of a stream he'd heard the tom splash across only heartbeats before. The brown tom caught his breath and lapped at the cool, clean water.
Bronzepaw took off again, now close enough to shout,
"WAAAAIIT!" ...And it sounded uber kit-like, to his shame.

Foamingwater skid to a stop and spun around.
"Who has spoken," he demanded to the mass of bushes.

Bronzepaw pushed through them and mewed,
"I did." He looked at Foamingwater with proud eyes, trying to seem tough.

Foamingwater looked at the smaller tom and asked,
"Why have you followed? I tried to kill your kin."

"I'm following you because you didn't." Bronzepaw waited for the tom's next move.

Foamingwater sheathed his claws.

Bronzepaw sighed in relief and mewed,
"I think... I think you should explain yourself... To my Clan."

Foamingwater cocked his head, a confused expression on his face.
"Wouldn't your kin kill me for my crimes?"

Bronzepaw shook his head.
"No - we're reasonable. Redstar'll listen, I'm sure of it!"

Foamingwater took a step back.
"No. I shall not come back with you." That being said, he spun around and shot off.

Bronzepaw watched the tom go and frowned. Too bad.

OOC: ANd that's the end... Pitiful...
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