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Icefeathers walk OPEN

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Icefeathers walk OPEN

Post by NKninja on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:39 am

It was a incredibly misty morning, the scent of rain not too far away. Slightly off the border of the frost forests, Icefeather trotted through the mist. she commonly took a walk by herself daily, mostly before Blazeclaw wakes up. She liked the quietness of this forest, it reminded her of the mountains so much, jumping from stone to stone, catching her first bird, she then stopped, her head swarming with so many memories of her tribe life. She shook her head furiously, she was a loner now, not a tribe cat.
after her head stopped swirling, she kept on walking.

OOC: if anyone didn't know, Icefeather lives with sassy's cat, Blazeclaw and is like her mentor in some cases, like barley and ravenpaw Very Happy

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