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A Wolf

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A Wolf

Post by NKninja on Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:51 pm

Name: Animi (latin for courage)
Gender: Female
Rank: Kappa (if i could)
age: 4 Newleafs

Experience: Was a Sigma for 2 Newleafs, now a Kappa

Animi is a black wolf with brown patches around her snout, eyes, paws, spine and tail. she has powerful front and back paws and muscular shoulder blades.

Personality: She is very kind to every wolf in her pack, even to the Omegas, but when threatened can be extremely vicious. If she ever found a trespasser, she would nearly kill him off the bat, or his tail would be just a stub Very Happy

History: Animi was born into the midnight pack, her father and mother being proud. But one day, when she was just a pup, her parents disappeared, there scent gone out of the blue as well. Sometimes when she hunts, she goes pass the borders to find her lost parents scent, and she succeeded. she found a mixed stench of rotten flesh and her parents near the mountains

Remember, this is my first wolf, so i feel fine for criticism Razz

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Re: A Wolf

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