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In the Mender's Den

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In the Mender's Den

Post by Meany on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:44 am

"Calm down, Tigerfrost, please," Bloodclaw mewed to the growling warrior. "If you keep moving, I'll never be able to remove the thorns!"
Tigerfrost had come in with claw-long thorns stuck in his front paws. "How'd you even get these things stuck in your pads?"

"He chased a rabbit into a thorn bush," Snarlgag chuckled, a harsh sound. "Claims it was a Tawnyclanner."
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Re: In the Mender's Den

Post by Longstorm on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:41 am

"It was," Tigerfrost hissed angrily. "Do you honestly think I would injure myself over food?!?"

Paleclaw, just outside, called,

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Re: In the Mender's Den

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:00 am

Fire poked his head in to see what was going on. He almost snickered aloud when he saw Tigerfrost's predicimant, but laughing would have meant almost certain death.
Like so many other situations of late, he thought grimly. "Hey, Bloodclaw," he mewed to the Mender. "Is Bitter around?"

Meanwhile, Shadesun and Woebringer padded past the Mender's Den, heads close for whispering conversation.

Boneless, shuffling around to get herbs when Bloodclaw asked for them, glanced up at the flame-colored Choosing. She nearly ducked her head but she smacked herself mentally, pelt burning.
"He's in the storage," she mewed in her emotionless tones.

Fire glanced at the dark, gaping hole that was the entrance to the fabled storage room of herbs.
"...When will he be coming out?"
Boneless merely shrugged, and Fire left it at that. Last thing I need is to be on her bad side... Fire nodded and shuffled back out of the den, dodging Tigerfrost and Snarlgag.
Snarlgag isn't too bad, he suddenly thought. Does he deserve to die? Or Tigerfrost? He hasn't done anything to warrant the Servan's wrath... I think. Fire looked at his paws as he padded away.


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Re: In the Mender's Den

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