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300 to 1

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300 to 1

Post by Loki on Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:58 am

Winter sat looking down from the lord's underling den. Behind her were three large kits playing roughly with each other. She was proud to bare the Lord three males. That's all he ever wanted, she narrowed her eyes,
-and to think none of you lot could give him that! The Lord was speaking with the powerfuls and spies. The
Darkclan spie causing little more interest that Tawnyclan, while Abbysclan's spie; Quail had caught a pretty
little female. She was white with long fur and she looked part blind.
"She can help hear the inner circle," He objected angrily. Moanfang as they call him looked angry.
"The servants are all up to no good anyway," He hissed, "They'll expect this!"
"You have made yourself an enemy of the whole clan by just opening your mouth. We need ears not tongue!"
Quail had a good point. He was little bigger than the She cat and his eyes were a ghostly white.
The lord was silent. He was watching their argument with interest.
Quail spat, "A loyal servant is more valuable then a dishonest warrior!"
Moanfang spat, "My Lord!" He turned to Falsecall, plea in his eyes, "Have I not brought you any valuable information?"
Falsecall looked thoughtfully at him, "You can work on the warriors, She can get on the inside knowledge.
Quail, show her around a little and take her to the Life passer to sort her blindness."
Moanfang looked at Eyeless with a surging hatred and she huddled up to Quail in fear.
Winter was mildly interested in what the Lord had to say. Though I'd dispose of that arrogant tom and use his
body as a reminder of whats, what!

"Is that what you think is it?" came an icy cold voice. She jumped, not him!
"Life passer!" She mewed bowing briefly, "I... I just_"
"Oh! No I think your quite right," He chuckled, "but they wouldn't care much, so it wouldn't matter."
He watched with a gentle gaze, "General Quail got himself a play thing. I am so jealous!"
Winter looked down, "Of her?"
Life laughed, "She's young and innocent, just how I like them, not as defiant as that silver tabby, though"
He began to pad down the rocks towards them. Winter shrugged.

Eyeless looked fearfully around. Blurse of colour were flying around. "There are so many," She whispered to Quail, who shrugged replying, "three hundred and something, is that right my lord?"
Falsecall smiled," And all the queens are with kit again."
We'v been running out of elders as scratching posts, so now were using those whose mistakes are quite unforgivable."
Eyeless felt her pelt burn and she looked around to see a grey blur of a tom coming towards her.
"This is Life," Mewed Falsecall, "He is my little brother, I rescued him and smuggled him from Abbysclan when we
were young, They killed my two sisters and mother, They didn't like him because he was so small."
Life's large paws came to a halt as he surveyed Eyeless, her eyes began to water as he glared greedily at her.
"But look at him now," purred Falsecall proudly," He beholds more powers then some could dream of!"
He leaned forward to Eyeless' ear, "He's our connection to those bellow."
She let out a squeak of pain and surprise.
Everything went dark and all the noise began to fade.

Quail looked at the unconscious she-cat with longing.
"She'll be fine," Life hissed boredly, "She'll wake up with a gift from me."
"And me," Mewed Quail with a wink towards the life passer who's lips drew back into a would-be smile.
Quail picked her by the scruff and began to drag her back to his den.

Ice, general and spy of Dewclan trotted into the small hall.
"Any news?" Falsecall mewed now with a bored tone.
"I watched the Dewclan leader, he got two of his youngsters to shred a static loner, He's not in right mind and could
join us."
"Good, get him to join us General Ice and you will be rewarded."
Ice looked pleased with the reaction and took off.
Falsecall sat, a cold smile on his face as he watched loyal cats work hard.

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