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High intentions

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High intentions

Post by Loki on Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:45 pm

Ice watched as his platoon fought fiercely as cats that had been dragged in from anywhere turned and tossed.
Training was becoming stiff. Cats who reached old age killed them selves before being claimed and Mudbloodclan had raided so many areas. Falsecall ordered any attacks on a group known as Cityclan to stop.
None had happened anyway... What was he plotting this time?
The tom let his claws sink into the ground.
"Tweet! Rake! Rake! Not scratch, you blundering half breed!"
He sighed irritably. They were stationary and Falsecall's speech's were no longer keeping everyone excited.
"Too laid back!"
"High General Ice."
The white head of the tom did not turn as he looked accusingly round at the she-cat looking indignantly down at him.
"What?" He spat angrily.
"My Lord wishes to see you."
He narrowed his eyes, either very good or VERY bad.
"I see," He nearly croaked.

He trotted up the ledge and up and up and up, Until he came to a large hole that after a few strides opened up into a crater with the sky in full view above.
"My Lord?" He mewed Bowing at the site of Falsecall's friendly face.
General Quail was by his side, his teeth bared into a smile, The she-cat he stood by looking
terrified but happy for attention to be pointed away from her.
"Ah! Ice," He mewed, "I have a favour to ask of you!"


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