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3rd *Alleged* Newsletter!!!

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3rd *Alleged* Newsletter!!!

Post by Longstorm on Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:22 am

Helllloooo, Lovely people! It is I, LS, here to spread beautiful news!

Here we go!

Latest News on Plots

Mudbloodclan has begun to recruit Clans to their cause!

Three cats went into they City, seeking out Cityclan. Yami, a surprisingly brave Gatherer, lead these cats into a trap. He and they were wounded, Yami the worst of them, and was dragged off to the Red Hills - is our introverted Gatherer giving his life for his Clan?

The same three cats paid a visit to Dewclan, demanding that the Clan and it's leader, Daystar, swear their allegiance to Falsecall. Much to the shock of most of his Clan, Daystar accepted.
It would seem Daystar is out of his mind - is this like when Thornstar teamed up with an unknown group of cat-cannibals all over again?

Abyssclan's Surprise Heirs!

Shadowstar has revealed that Sinface and Loveless, an esteemed yet blue-eyed warrior (blue eyes on anyone but the leader's bloodline is a taboo to the cats of Abyssclan) and crippled only-male Servant, are in fact his Only Sons. That puts Sinface (being the older brother) next in line to become King of Abyssclan and Lord of Cityclan.
Shadowstar has also revealed that he has been aware of the plot to kill him set off by the prophecy (Joyless's Joyful Word) Scourge himself sent. "I am going to die... But that's alright," says Shadowstar himself.
There is far more that is revealed here, but I'll let you find that out for your-smart-selves. Wink

Shadowstar's death will be on the morning preceding the night of the Bloodmoon - turning the full moon the color of blood. This will be the same night as the


In two RP days from now, the Gathering shall commence! Beware - the moon shall turn the color of blood! What will it mean? Is Starclan angry?

Recap On Past Gatherings: (most recent and not-so-recent but important all the same)

Silverfur, medicine cat of Darkclan (now deceased) told the Clans of a dream he had. This dream implied that Abyssclan would be the death of all the Clans. Whether or not the elderly medicine cat had actually had the dream remains unknown, but Abyssclan didn't look too pleased. (this was about two Gatherings back)

Thornstar, leader of Darkclan, has recently passed away. The new leader, Redstar, red tom with split lip, has yet to appoint a deputy. And it would appear that their new medicine cat, Mistlight, is absent. (this was the last Gathering)

For the first time in many, many years, Shadowstar, leader/King of Abyssclan, made an appearance. This is amazing because the leader (every leader) usually sends a Powerful in His place.
He was silent, stoic, but relaxed somehow - many cats were afraid, while others sneered at him. This did not make Abyssclan happy (nothing does - this was the last Gathering)

Whitehare, warrior of Dewclan, has followed Abyssclan back home. We do not know what has become of her. This will most likely be resolved next Gathering. (this was the last Gathering)

Dewclan seems to be short a deputy - this was the last Gathering

Mudbloodclan made an appearance with a Gathering group as large as a Clan. This was two Gatherings past

Off note, many med. cat apprentices have been having visions at Gatherings and not telling anyone. scratch scratch scratch

Latest Prophecies:

Prophecy of the Moon - Quester's Only (if you didn't receive this prophecy, it does not apply to you)/this will apply to all later

Silverfur's Final Prophecy - Forest-wide

Joyless's Joyful Word - Abyssclan Only

Mistpaw's Message - Mistpaw of Dewclan (must find second Mistpaw's prophecy...)

Newest Members

The Outcast Warriors welcomes our newest member - caracal100, swim1, aman6868, cid123! Good to have yous! Hope we can have many fun topics together!

RP Season and Weather

The rains are on the rise! In the next day, slight warm drizzles will begin. By the end of the Gathering, a full-blown storm will hit the middle-forests full on. Scorched Forest and beyond the Lonely Oaks will only get part of it, and the far side of the mountains will get the worst it. The Red Hills will be partially flooded, and Abyssclan's lower-tunnels will be flooded, making it nearly impossible to enter their territory.
Cityclan will get the least of it.
When describing the weather, think about your Clans' territory and how such weather would affect their specific flora and fauna.

The current season is the near-end of New Leaf. With the rain, all the slush will be gone (except the mountains - deal with it.) Smile

Other Things

Many boards have been moved. If you're still confused on the new oder, feel free to contact myself (please call me LS, lovely folks) or Loki - we're both Admins, if none of you knew. Cool Cool Cool

The previous Newsletter was deleted by accident. We hope this will not happen again.

And that's my piece! I will be posting a Bulletin if I missed anything!

"It's totally bril and very Groovy to get creative."



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Re: 3rd *Alleged* Newsletter!!!

Post by Loki on Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:36 pm

Loki loves reading these! I hope joy will be there to him die muhahaha

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