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Thrushfly's Death (Original Dewclan)

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Thrushfly's Death (Original Dewclan)

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:22 pm

This is a story that dates about 30 years before current time.It is about how an overconfident cat lost his life because he didn't think he needed help.This is a short story,so I did not add too much detail

Thrushfly lowered his haunches as he stalked his prey.A small wood mouse stood only kitten-steps from him,quietly busy with eating its food.He kept queit,though he knew that he was fast enough too catch it even if it was alrady running.He took a tiny step with his forepaw,but the mouse overheard him.He tried to catch it,but it was to fast for him.His hunt ended with his face slammed into a tiny mouse hole.

"Nice catch," mewed a voice from behind one of the nearby trees.Trushfly turned in annoyance.
"You alerted it with your annoying voice,Rainwind!I would've caught it if you hadn't spoken!" he spat.His brother shook his head."Please!I spoke after you had your face full of dirt!"Thrushfly sighed.When was Rainwind going to get a life?With his gray pelt with white marks and blue eyes,Rainwind thought he was always more clever than Thrushfly.
"Anyway,Blazestar needs you."Thrushfly's ears perked up.Perhaps this was his chance to prove he was better!He raced through the forest,ready to do his leader's bidding.Perhaps Blazestar needed him to see what Tawnyclan or Darkclan was up to.He didn't even have to roll around in dung.He would be there and gone before anyone even knew it!
He arrived at the Dewclan camp a short while later,Rainwind behind him.Storm clouds started to gather up,but it didn't ruin Thrushfly's mood.He had a good feeling about this.
"Blazestar?You wanted me?"he meowed.Blazestar nodded.
" I need you and Rainwind to check out a cave near the border.I want it to be scent-marked."Thrushfly's face fell.How could that happen?He had to go with Rainwind!He nodded,and then trotted out of the leader's den.
It was raining now.Hard.Thrushfly and Rainwind had just found the cave.Thrushfly was about to enter when Rainwind shouted,"THRUSHFLY!DON'T STEP FORWARD!"Thrushfly made a ppfffft sound. He took another step.Rainwind's eyes widened.He thinks I can't do this alone.....I'll show him.He took another step,placing him inside the cave.Then branches hit against the unstable rocks.A rumbling sound and total darkness told Thrushfly he was stuck inside the cave.He tried to inhale,but he couldn't exhale.He was pinned under the rocks.He couldn't breathe.He was going to die.And he knew it.



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