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Post by NKninja on Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:58 am

Name: Serae
Age: about 1 greenleaf (partly younger if it's okay)
Gender: Male

Alliance: Rogue

Rank: Rogue


Serae is a blue parakeet with sharp talons that easily clings to trees of the forest.

Personality: Serae has a mere split personality/mood swings, he usually gets angry at others for no apparent reason sometimes.

History: Serae was born in the wild, for at least a week, until his parents were captured by twolegs. They soon found him a captured him. For eight moons, he was a pet for them. He kept attempting to escape, but the bars around him were too strong for a young parakeet. One day, a clumsy twoleg kit was going to clean his cage, But the second it opened the cage, he sprang like a rocket and flew out the opened door into the wild. For his swiftness and will against the Bars, Kusu dubbed his name as Serae ( it's latin for bars)

Other character stuff ( because i wanted to): Serae's original name was Boied, given by his twoleg owner (which was a kit.. and is my real bird's name) He, in a way is Kusu's companion as he travels with her.

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Re: Parakeetness!

Post by Loki on Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:02 pm


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