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Coming to the end!

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Coming to the end!

Post by Loki on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:28 pm

Underlings, queens, warriors, platoons and generals gathered bellow. Excitement and kits play fighting roughly among the crowd. Mothers hushed them while warriors talked casually among themselves. Platoon cats mocked them and shared battle tactics. Queens gossiped of the traitor who had been brought and publicly humiliated. One queen boasted how her son was the one who killed him while others gossiped of the toms.

Akaila, the first she-cat ordered silence as the shadowed silhouette of the lord stretched across the walls.
She joined knife and the other 'powerfuls' who nodded in acknowledgement.
"It has come," She purred.
"We have waited. We have suffered these cramped conditions for so long," came the powerful voice of Falsecall.
His only son; biscuit a very light brown tom, to his left and Life was to his right.
"We have waited but not in vain." He smiled coldly and looked down on them, "Shall we ask them to peacefully move?"
There was a roar of disapproval.
"This will be their last moon on these lands, Mudbloodclan, my comrades... We will take no hostages."
They howled and roared with glee, kits hissed and warriors purred.
"Early dawn after their last meeting. We will prepare. Battle plans will be put drilled into your heads, queens... Our honored she-cats will learn the way of the claw."
They cried out with happiness and he turned away, "Get the generals," He hissed to Winter.
Biscuit turned to his side as did Life and his successor.

A raven. Beady eyed and crooked watched them and pecked at an itchy tick before flying away.

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