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New bird: In honor of the new territory!

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New bird: In honor of the new territory!

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:57 am

Name: Geira

Age: 7 winters old

Gender: Female

Alliance: Flyght Haven Court

Rank: The Phoenix's Talon

Appearance: o
Giera is a Sooty Owl.

Personality:Giera can be a little stern at times (like that teacher from school who insists on picking on you to answer that algebra question... Evil or Very Mad) but inside, she's actually hoping to soar up ranks so she can change the laws of the Court. Yeah, she's good inside. At times she can be snappy, at others she'll be icy cool. Faced with an easy road and a hard one, she'd usually pick the easy road, but don't take her as being lazy!

History: [i]Long ago there was no such thing as Flyght Haven. Giera's parents were Sooty Owls (obviously) who left their brood in the hollow in an attempt to escape a hungry wolf (whaddya know, it was Fierie XD). Geira taught herself how to fly, but not without losing her left wing in a bad crash on the Elder Tree, where she impressed the Court with her knowledge of the outside and personality. Now she's land-bound, but can still glide short distances.

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