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4th Newsletter!!!! READREADREAD!!!

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4th Newsletter!!!! READREADREAD!!!

Post by Longstorm on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:10 am

Hello! It's been a while since I've sone one of these - but then, not too many things have occurred - JK.

Latest News on Plots

Dewclan News

Mudbloodclan has begun to recruit Clans to their cause!
Three cats paid a visit to Dewclan, demanding that the Clan and it's leader, Daystar, swear their allegiance to Falsecall. Much to the shock of most of his Clan, Daystar accepted.
It would seem Daystar is out of his mind - is this like when Thornstar teamed up with an unknown group of cat-cannibals all over again?
Due to this, Dewclan will not be attending the Gathering.

Furthermore, Dewclan has a new deputy! Congratulations, Switchfar for your character, Dewdrop, becoming the newest deputy of Dewclan!
But lo, is this new deputy not the greatest for the Clan? We'll find out!

Tawnyclan News

Tawnyclan recently went to the Dewclan border to see what's up with Mudbloodclan patrolling Dewclan!
Due to this Lokistar is unable to attend the Gathering, and Ezziesong went in her place.

Glaciercloud, the excellent medicine cat of Tawnyclan, was killed by twolegs! She had no apprentice - who will heal the sick and wounded now?
Where is Starclan?

Darkclan News

Darkclan now has a new deputy! Congratulations to NKNinja for her character Hollowstripe becoming Darkclan's newest deputy!
Going from apprentice to warrior to mentor to DEPUTY all in one ceremony is just astonishing!

Behind Their Borders: The Questers are splitting up! What will become of the mysterious quest they were sent on? Are the Clans doomed?

Abyssclan News - URGENT!

Shadowstar is dead! Sinface has finally killed him, and now the folks of Abyssclan (down to only 25 now!) are figuring out just what is going to happen next - one thing is for certain, though. Abyssclan will no longer be attending Gatherings, and will be updated to Pseudo-Clan.

Abyssclan Other-News

Abyssclan is no longer accepting Bios. Any new Abyssclan characters must either be born in-game or join the Clan in-game.

A Bit of Cityclan!

Three cats went into they City, seeking out Cityclan. Yami, a surprisingly brave Gatherer, lead these cats into a trap. He and they were wounded, Yami the worst of them, and was dragged off to the Red Hills - is our introverted Gatherer giving his life for his Clan?

Message to all Pseudo-Clans!

Helloooo all (both) you wonderful Clans. Notice how I never talk about you in these things? Well, I'd like to.
A few days before I post my next Newsletter, I will post a topic asking for news, so you can give me current news, and then I can relay them to everyone else!
The same applies to horse and deer herds, wolf packs, and flocks.


Is ongoing! Only Darkclan and a skeleton group of Tawnyclan are in attendance! Very soon, the moon shall turn to blood, and a great storm shall break out. ***
All Clans will be able to see the Bloodmoon, so please react to the whether and lunar conditions accordingly.

***RP Season and Weather

The rains are on the rise! In the next day, slight warm drizzles will begin. By the end of the Gathering, a full-blown storm will hit the middle-forests full on. Scorched Forest and beyond the Lonely Oaks will only get part of it, and the far side of the mountains will get the worst it. The Red Hills will be partially flooded, and Abyssclan's lower-tunnels will be flooded, making it nearly impossible to enter their territory.
Cityclan will get the least of it.
When describing the weather, think about your Clans' territory and how such weather would affect their specific flora and fauna.

The current season is the near-end of New Leaf. With the rain, all the slush will be gone (except the mountains - deal with it.) Smile

Links to previous Newsletters!

3rd Newsletter
1st Newsletter

If you have a question, EMAIL me at:

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