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Attack Abbysclan! Wildfire of Mudbloodclan

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Attack Abbysclan! Wildfire of Mudbloodclan

Post by Loki on Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:58 pm

Warriors, the lone fighters of Mudbloodclan began to spread the flames. The rain that had began to shower the grounds of the lowlands had stopped shortly after the finishing of the clan's gathering, much to the fortune of the Mudbloodclan cats. These rains would not come back till later (OOC: Says loki who does not pertmit, anyone to start the weather until my say).

If it had not been for the many hot days before, the showers would have caused trouble for the plan.

Even so... they began to burn what was of the forests. They spread their flames upon the dried grass fields and
they awaited, most wary in this territory, for the arrival of cats. It was expected. Smoke engulfed the sky, sprouting like large pillars upon the lands.
Warriors, the weakest of the Mudbloodclan cats, stood.
Their hearts thumping against their sides.
This is Abbysclan, the clan we were told to be so wary of. The clan we were told to make sure, ALL were dead but a few distinctly named cats.

OOC: If you have a cat in Mudbloodclan already, you may rp a WARRIOR, but no other but your own cat and your own platoon.

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Re: Attack Abbysclan! Wildfire of Mudbloodclan

Post by Longstorm on Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:00 am

Properly ignored. These hadn't known the reaction Shadowstar, the believed leader of Abyssclan, would give. But there was no response. No Warriors yowling battle cries, no Choosings itching for their first battles.
Pretty soon, rain began to fall in torrents. It was now apparent that Abyssclan would be making no move tonight.

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